Amazing plants!

Hey guys, 

Today I take ​​this photo of a mushroom. He breaks through the asphalt, can you imagine that?



My first post is about my favorite candy. HARIBO.

At the moment, some friends from Canada have come to visit and they have told me that it´s very difficult in Canada to get the delicious HARIBO originals. That´s why they were bought today very many bags to take them home, until they return next year.  :)

I could not believe this. A life without HARIBO?
Tell me, is that true?

Just an idea ...

Hi everyone, 

Two weeks ago, some friends told me about their own blog, and I thought: "WTF?! What are they doing?”
But I tried to understand the idea about blogging… and now I think I get it.
There are so many situations in life which block our creativity, so I like the idea that maybe someone is interest in absurd activities and thoughts.

So, here is it. Enjoy